Turning the Yellow Leaves of History of Pakistan

Turning the yellow leaves of history of Pakistan, we come to know that Pakistani media has made many dramas which are old but still have their fragrance. Pakistan Television has contributed a lot in the dramatic society. Dramas like "Khuda Ki Basti" are known world wide and became a part of syllabi in many countries. Pakistan Television has made different dramas which reflect different fields of life. "Waris" is a well known drama which reflects the struggle of a feudal family. This channel has also worked for the betterment of society and tried its best to eradicate social evils by broadcasting dramas like "Landa Bazaar" and "Alif Noon". Kids of 90's definitely would remember "Ainak Wala Jin" which was a science fiction drama especially for the children.

In the 21st century, the drama society followed an evolution when GEO network was introduced. Romantic touch was given to Pakistani dramas. Dramas like "Sari Bhool Humari Thi" and "Dhani" were mostly based on romance. ARY digital also cooperated in this field and dramas like "Daam" and "Pyary Afzal" were broadcasted. "Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat" of GEO, gained great popularity based on its excellent humor. But HUM TV changed the direction. Its drama became the voice when "Udaari" was broadcast and media became a source to promote peace, brotherhood, Islam and entertainment. Unfortunately, family problems, divorce, sexual abuse, black magic and other social evils were also promoted by media. At times, the villain was shown as a hero. Instead of getting the moral of the drama, public started to imitate the villain's get-up and dialogues.

The dramas which are broadcasted now-a- days consist of no proper lesson and are moral-less. Jealousy factor is being spread and weird fashion trends are hatching out. Romance is becoming the most focused genre with a pinch of evilness just to spice things up. This has affected the public psychologically and had changed their behavior to a very great extent.

The dramas have evolved in number and quality. The viewers don’t have to follow the timings of the dramas instead, the dramas once broadcasted are only a click away on the channel’s official websites and people can watch them whenever they find it convenient to do so in their busy schedules. On the other hand, the dramas have lost the quality of content, and the genre shrunken to only romance. There are no quality dramas for the kids these days and things such as evilness and conspiracies have been added just to get higher ratings. In short, though the Pakistani dramas have successfully evolved to entertain the viewers but our cultural and religious values are slowly fading out.

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