Showbiz and Pakistani Drama Culture

Showbiz Culture in Pakistan; a Massive Industry Showbiz industry in Pakistan has set off so many distinctive and remarkable projects serving to us the truest purpose of recreation and comfort zone enjoyment right on our TV screens. Furthermore the radio show, newspaper, music, magazines has also managed to set its vital impact and followership in a right direction to cater the leisure of citizens of all class and category.but since the advent of the television, no other media has been so much influential, diametrical, reliable and handy mean of mass communication. Even today where internet has taken over the dawns and dusks of young souls, the populace is adherent to their favourite TV shows and warmly welcoming the progression as a part of their cultural evolution and thus this indigenous industry is contributing its own part towards the evolution of our socio-culture, also firmly holding back our subcontinental roots, morals,ethics and aesthetic tastes.

Entertainment is a worldwide phenomenon,and undoubtedly the most lucrative and vibrant industry. Not just a million dollar market but also hold a perspective of necessary evil these days. Pakistan entertainment industry is no step behind any other international tycoon and also a very indigenous revenue well where the stakeholders these days are pouring in their precious commodities without much of reluctance. Its is era of entertainment and hence the era of the market associated with it. The day by day emergence of Pakistan entertainment industry has brought a maneuver among the concerned people of showbiz and been a livelihood to millions at all levels and fields related to the industry.

Our TV Best Pakistani dramas, cinema, reality tv shows, talk shows,morning shows,comedy, game shows, and occasional transmissions hold the responsibility for up bringing quality entertainment, education and pleasure to the viewers but in fact there still lie some other ‘not so convenient’ facts that some of genres of shows are far off from serving the purpose of quality entertainment on the contrary, they are humdrums of the same old debate on the sensationalized political issues. Here, words seem to speak louder than actions in the race of maintaining their trps. Some TV channels have seem to forgotten the purpose of a reality news and talk shows but rather settle on the exploiting the conflict between various parties and people with opposing agendas utterly setting aside the actual purpose of comment and constructive criticism.Thereby, creating a depressing situation and hopeless persona of society in general. In Fact, the problem now a days with our media industry is that opinions of the peers are imposed upon the general public as if their own choice thus manipulating the minds of masses even without their knowledge and hence seem to utterly dismiss the difference blw the existential facts and the opinions of critiques. Another trend that is being customarily followed is the transmissions of religious occasion based programs, the most commonly discussed is the ramazan transmission, though it's an eternal debate if these transmissions are actually doing any good to anyone or simply diverging the attention of fast observers by introducing somewhat novel so called methods of repentance unconventional ways of reverence and submission at the times when people should rather be observing prayers and recitation in order to exhibit divines devotion in the truest sense. But the question is still there that do we actually need such sort of entertainment at such an auspicious time of the year. The answer of this is for us to know and for concerned authorities to find out.

Today's our fashion industry is a hype of glitz and glamour and this sparkling grandiosity captivates the mind of youth which starts to devotedly follow the trends of fashion and lifestyle along with the brand of choice or the designerwear of their favourite celebrity artists. The craze for ‘branded everything’ is growing each day and media is the major propagating force behind. Extensive publication, bill boards, advertising, promotion of brands and designer wear may seem to be customary but people need to realize the long term impact on socio-economic stature where the current brand tsunami seems to induce tension in between different classes and hence polarizing the power gap between rich and poor.Small local industries are grounded each day with the huge marketing of this brand maniac. Aside all this, our very own morning shows have forgotten to keep up with the original content, creativity and innovation instead they settle on relying upon age old shallow drama with unreal weddings and even multiple memoir weddings for a same couple. The pomp and show of unrealistic wedding setup and the extensive Akhrajat turns the young mind into unattainable pursuits just in order to “keep up ‘’ with the trends. Yet another source of a lighter entertainment is a atypical kind of journalism where news is not only reported but created too. Or it may also be rephrased as reality being spiced up with extra exotic flavours because we like that little extra bit of saltiness and just can’t have enough of spice. Just like that, when a super model attempts to smuggle a million dollar, all our news shows and relevant media cares about is how she has dressed up to the hearing today or if her new avatar suits her style or not and if that wasn't enough,a well-made review right from Adiala jail about how staff and the captives feel about presence of ‘The supermodel’ among them is the right kind of entertainment every pakistani yearns to watch..!!

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