Pakistani Entertainment Industry

“PAKISTANI ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY” these three words consist of so many emotions, barriers, drama, and spices. A topic consisting of hundreds of sub topics. With the advancement of media, we have witnessed a boom in the Pakistani entertainment Industry. From the last 5 years approximately, industry is going on a peak and is now providing reality-based dramas, movies, documentaries even live shows. So there are two types of industries the film industry and the drama industry and both are expanding day by day.

Some channels like Geo Entertainment, Hum TV, and ARY Digital took an initiative to present the newest even the boldest topics which are the need of the hour. Talking about the Pakistani Industry, let’s talk about few new emerging topics like women empowerment, rights of the transgenders, women rights, child abuse, drug abuse, forceful marriages, child marriages, struggles of a single mother etc.

Lately, a drama on ARY Digital “Khuda Mera Bhi Hai” boldly spoke about the intersex children; their rights, difficulties faced by a mother and their survival, which was a great step ahead by the industry because no one talks about these topics. This was a topic that broke the stereotype since this is one of the most important issues these days. The story started with the birth of an intersex child, his life, problems faced from being a kid to an adult. How he was shunned by his family and not by his mother, challenges faced by his mother. And how she stood by him and made him an outstanding person. The drama basically focused on the topics like gender discrimination, identity crisis in a society full of stereotypical people.

Apart from this, women empowerment is the new topic industry is focusing on since we need to tell the world that men alone are not working hard for the country but women too. Industry is now showing this side of the picture too that women these days are no less than men. “Ek Thi Marium” is a wonderful depiction that women should be empowered. Other than this we have some masterpieces like Udaari focusing on Child abuse; which has taken over many areas in Pakistan and many cases have been brought forward too. So basically, dramas like Udaari are spreading awareness that people need right now.

Other than this, Sammi is a wonderful drama focusing on a rural custom “Vani” where a girl is married forcibly due to a feud between two parties and as a punishment to the male relatives. Basically, the drama focuses on child marriage which is still the biggest dilemma of Pakistani society especially in rural areas. The drama focuses on how the girl is forced to marry due to this concept Vani. How she escapes and takes over her own life.

Not only the dramas, we also have a few good movies which serve as the eye openers. Movies like Bol, Dukhtar, Manto, Moor, War, Yalghaar, Maalik and Shah not only focus on the societal issues but also give us a sense of patriotism, bravery, and loyalty.

Bol was the first bold movie by the Pakistani Industry which not only defined speaking up for one’s own rights but also the intersex. Apart from that Dukhtar also focuses on child marriage. Whereas, movies like War and Yalghaar takes you to another level of patriotism. Also some movies like Chaalay the Saath are playing a great role in international relations. This movie focuses on the relationship with China and Hunza culture. So basically, industry is focusing on so many topics that it is hard to focus on a single topic only. Pakistani entertainment industry wants to spread more and more awareness to the society. It is so vast and versatile that we need to acknowledge each and every aspect of the society they are focusing on. So Pakistani entertainment industry has experienced the golden age as well as the decline period but has groomed itself and revived itself. Today the industry is not only focusing on the romantic or comedy dramas and movies but also movies with moral lessons and enlightening societal issues which is a big step towards the new era. Speaking for oneself is the need of hour which the industry understands now. Hope we get more movies and dramas that focus more on awareness rather than vulgarity and stupid love approaches. We need to make ourselves strong and better and media is playing a pivotal role in this.

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