Pakistani Dramas It is aptly said that Art is the imitation of life

Pakistani Dramas It is aptly said that Art is the imitation of life. It presents the realities of life with a blend of happiness and sorrows,smiles and tears with the sole purpose of enhancing moral sense.It is done under the garb of pleasure.No other field like science and philosophy has the potential to project the true colors of life with a touch of imaginative delight.This is what our Pakistani dramas kept intact when Pakistani Art Era began.

If one scrutinizes the history of Pakistani dramas one would realize its evolution.Starting from that golden era where PTV was the sole medium to lay the foundation of Pakistani Art and culture we can understand where Pakistani dramas stand now.In the past,PTV dramas represented Art in its true colours. They had a plot with a message to be understood by masses; something that inculcates moral values.Those dramas fully exercised the true workings of Art.We used to enjoy them,fly with the characters to take some imaginative excursion and then come back to reality to understand what was to be learnt.People used to spare time for such dramas out of their tough schedule. Even today there is no comparison with dramas like Sassi,Alpha Bravo Charlie,Dhuwaan,Sona Chandi and so on.These were worth watching pieces of Art.They represented Pakistani Art ,culture,its norms,ethics and traditions.In addition to this,there were specific dramas for children as well like Ainak Wala Jin.In Short,those dramas were the gems in Pakistani Art era.

With the passage of time everything got revolutionized under the wave of modernism and so did our dramas.This wave of “change” carried away something which we can just cherish now.As more channels came, more diversity came which resulted in the loss of quality manifestation.The true purpose of Art was lost in the disguise of change.The flood of modernity had sunk the moral side of Pakistani dramas. If one gazes further the history of Pakistani dramas,one would see the havoc of Star Plus and Turkish dramas afterwards and their role in deterioration of Pakistani Art and culture.This hurricane totally eclipsed the vital role of plot.Dramas became the medium of promoting sensuousness without any moral edification.This had been the demise of Pakistani dramas.

Even now the remnants are inseparable from Pakistani drama industry.Society builds dramas but sadly enough now dramas are building society.They are just breeding jealousy,hypocrisy,plotting evil against others and extremism.There is no plot other than love-hate relationships which is ruining the moral sense of our generation at an alarming pace.Tragic enough,our dramatists and writers have forgotten the purpose of Art. But this situation is not a cloud without any silver-lining.Many good things have come and are coming indeed.Many writers know the true essence of Art.They are compelling the readers and masses to watch something for which moments if spent are nor regrettable.Prolific writers most notably Umera Ahmed,Khalil-ur- Rehman Qamar ,Farhat Ishtiaq are providing source of enjoyment as well as moral inculcation.The essence of dramas like Humsafar,Zindagi Gulzaar Hai,Meri Zaat Zarr-e- Be- Nishaan,Main Abdul Qadir Hoon,Shehar-e- Zaat needs to be promoted. The true renaissance of Pakistani dramas can occur if the true function of Art is to be understood.They must show some intellectual endeavor by passing through the realm of pleasure .This would give an apt progression to drama and theater industry.

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