Pakistani Dramas in our Childhood

I still remember my childhood period when my siblings and I used to set our gaze fix on the television and watch Ainak wala jin. This drama was the mixture of comedy and fantasy. Then one can also not forget the most famous drama serial Alpha bravo Charlie which was another masterpiece produced by PTV which beautifully depicted the true essence of love, friendship, patriotism, jealousy and sense of achievement. Similarly there is the list of PTV dramas like tanhayiaan. Dhoop kinray, fifty fifty and many more which provided the utmost pleasure and became the source of entertainment.

Basically PTV was the first broadcasting channel that dominated the electronic media and introduced the concept of drama which can be either reality based or fictional and soon with the passage of time the drama industry grew wider and wider and thus this notion gave birth to many revolutnary, talented novelists and writers who in no time presided over the TV industry and gave way to many new channels which; includes HUM TV, ARY, TVONE, GEO and many more.

No doubt PTV was the originator of this idea but regrettably in today’s era it is left far behind although at one time PTV was the one which was the center of attention of the people and dominated the south Asian TV channels. But as we know that time never remains same. We are prone to change and advancement and thus this led to the diversity in the channels and other broadcasting units. Nowadays we can see that channels like HUM, GEO, ARY, URDU1 etc have reached the pinnacle of the drama industry. This is mainly because as they introduce new concepts, discuses taboos and talks about unconventional ideas. Unlike PTV channel which produced many fascinating and amazing dramas but the ideas and the concepts they portrayed were too conventional, predictable and stereotypical. Moreover PTV industry didn’t improve the standard of their dramas with the changing time.

On the other hand if we talk about the today’s drama industry then it has totally dethroned the basis laid by early drama industry and instead formed a new foundation and produces serials that are ground breaking and more profound. It offers the dramas which are the mixture of contemporary and ultra modern ideas and thus the blend of these two makes them unique and unprecedented. There is a long list of such Pakistani dramas like Dure shehwar which beautifully depicted the challenges faced by a woman after her marriage and how can she combat with them if she remains courageous and compromising. Then comes Shehr e zaat which was another moralistic drama which urges to think over the fact that beauty is not everything, rather it’s very fickle and something very superficial. Moreover it also showed us that nothing remains forever in this temporal world so it’s better to please God rather wasting on people to whom you can never satisfy or please. Then there is another moralistic drama Zindagi gulzaar hai which rattled and overruled the rating of all the previous dramas. It magnificently portrayed the struggle of a mother who was insulted of giving birth to three daughters and in return she along with her daughters fought courageously against all the stereotypical thinking and notions and finally showed the people that women are no less than men. They can pave their own regardless to any of the hindrance. Then comes Miraat ul uroos which was also based on the novel. It sketched the unwholesome problems aroused from being an extravagant. This drama drew a comparison between the two sisters who through their lifestyles showed the viewers that one should keep a balance in life, as excess of everything is bad. So there are many more drams like these which were released in the past few years and totally changed the concept of dramas. Today’s serials try to show the two side of everything. They try to debunk the conventional ideas and slowly breed the sense of awareness in people’s minds. There is a list of such kind of thought provoking dramas which can shape your personality and gives you the awareness and strength to fight against every kind of problems. Nowadays the drams are more realty based rather based on fantasies.

Similarly there are some Pakistani drams that explicitly aim to raise and discuss taboos but are mostly disliked by the viewers. For example Udaari which showed child abuse, then comes Chup raho which also portrayed the sexual harassment against women, khuda mera bhi ha which raised the issue of transgender and above all Besharam which portrayed the trials and hardship faced by the famous celebrity when marries a middle class man. Although the message given by these dramas was very unique and helpful to inculcate the awareness in people and how to tackle the situation like these but there is some fault the way they expressed it and conveyed it to the people. No matter how advance we call ourselves but still majority of the Pakistani people are still very conservative and do not readily accepts such kinds of ideas. Moreover there are many bold and intimate scenes in such kinds of dramas that are considered very inappropriate and indecorous. Conclusively the directors, writers and all other people involved in a production of drama should think of a clever way to illustrate such kind of taboos.

In a nutshell I would say that there are flaws in everything. Nothing is perfect but if you strive to attain perfection then it is should be appreciated. Same is applicable on Pakistani drams. Our drams industry has widely flourished in these recent years and they are being broadcasted worldwide. People enjoy watching Pakistani dramas and also give their feedback which I think is very important in the advancement and development of the television industry.

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