Pakistani Dramas have Always been famous

Pakistani dramas are the best, peerless when it comes to storytelling and screenplay. They have always been famed among the South Asian TV industry but now they are getting more exposure to the rest of the world as well.

Pakistani dramas have always been famous. They were even famous when there was no YouTube and no digital media promotion, when people were confined to watch PTV only. It means the industry back then still had that top notch story and actors to bound viewers with their TV sets. Bollywood could easily be given competition by our TV industry. Dramas like Dhoop Kinare or let’s talk about years before Dhoop Kinare, we had Khuda ki Basti , aired in 1969. It was the biggest hit of that era. It was a massive hit. Probably it was the first drama that was put to be telecasted once again years later. It became a part of the syllabus in Indian drama academy.

But years later that drama has evolved. It has aged but got younger and glamorous. The way the story is being told is different, it is now divergent because the storytellers are different. Now the writer can put intimate scene in the drama, they can put words in the script that were considered taboo back then. For instance nobody wanted to hear, talk or even talk about child abuse in that PTV era. Dramas like Udaari are not only bold step of our TV industry but it can be used as an eye opener for a lot of members of our society. We all knew about child abuse (Thanks to media and news) but who wanted to talk about it?

Back then dramas were made on topics like a girl child being considered a burden but nobody could think portraying a child being sexually abused.

Yes, bold topics like extra marital affair & child abuse are eye opener for a lot of people. It is a positive approach to accept something that it erroneous in our society. Now people consider that extra marital affairs do happen in our society. People engage themselves in relationships after marriage that too with a family member .Remember drama serial YAHAN PYAR NHI HY? Starring Saba Qamar and Mawra Hussain where the cousin sister is busy flirting with her brother in law and ends up marrying him. These stories evolve from our own society so they cannot be denied. Fair enough!

But the innocence of the story has gone with that era. Dhoop Kinare was a love story. It was put in such a innocent way. The romantic scene was confined between the hero and heroine looking eye into eye. The plot of the story was so rich with details that nobody ever thought about romance in a love story like Dhoop Kinare. Rahat Kazmi, Marina Khan..such a delight to watch even now!! Another genre was comedy. Guest House was the ultimate comedy serial that hit the chart of 1990s. They jokes had nothing to do with cheap thrills, where characters talk about girls and flirting. It was pure comedy it wasn’t forced with shoddy jokes. Innocence can’t be replaced with anything…true, not even with glamour.

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