Importance of television in terms of its effect

No one can deny the importance of television in terms of its effects. It has a relatively an influential impact on a country like Pakistan where majority of the people are illiterate. Pakistan television (PTV) a state owned and government controlled television was introduced in 1964 and now has access to 99% population of the country. There was a time when PTV was the only channel available to the people but with the advent of advanced technology and introduction satellite channels through dish antenna and cable television a competition has been created between different channels. Thus this ‘invasion from the sky’ forced the TV channels to glamorize their programs specially the dramas, in order to maintain the interest of the audience Television dramas are one of those marvels of modern media that have revolutionized the life of every man and woman and even the children try to find their lifestyle in these TV plays. There was a time when television dramas used to mold and reshape the whole lifestyle of people in an effective manner but unfortunately such circumstances are not seen in today’s modern dramas. Instead of being the second image of the Pakistani culture and traditions these tv plays are strongly influencing the brains and thoughts of teenagers. TV channels are cultivating alien culture and norms and gradually bringing a change in the attitude of the people through dramas. It also indicated that dramas are generating frustration among the audience.

After the entire day of hard work and troublesome a person sits in front of the television too refresh his mind but he witness plays based upon the violence like ‘SAMMI, BACHAY BRAYAI FAROKHT,’, sex related crime’ UDAARI, CHUP RAHO, SANGAT, MUQABIL, BE-HADD AND MANY OTHER’, AND modern culture that puts a brief impact on the mind of teenagers and Pakistani culture.

The TV shows that touch the sensitive topic of child abuse or harassment, should take some responsibility about the emotions of the victims of such crimes. These dramas portray the rapist as a repentant hero like in BEHADD, SANGAT, CHUP RAHO, AND MUQABIL, and they show that a rapist could be forgiven by the victim because they show the rape to get their love is not an unforgiveable crime. This shameful act of social media plays with the emotions of the victims of rape and physical harassment and encourages the rapists for their unjustifiable and intolerable act.

There is class struggle in Pakistani dramas, which is against our religion and culture, Pakistani women are represented as submissive or westernized, there is no middle way, and element of romance is becoming an important part of Pakistani dramas, people are going far away from the religion and it has become a kind of hurdle in their way to freedom. Pakistani dramas play a vital role in spreading awareness about different aspects and issues of our society and they are making people aware about their basic rights and drama serial UDAARI played a major role in this cause but this entertainment world is promoting western culture through Turkish and Indian dramas and movies. These dramas and movies are encouraging the youth to do haram stuff like alcohol consumption, western dressing, singing dancing, which is not acceptable. Pakistani dramas should be based on pure Pakistani culture and celebrate Islam as strong foundation for future generations. Pakistani dramas should reject western impacts on society. Pakistani dramas should focus on the story instead of glamour and romance to et popularity among youth. Dramas should promote strength of women instead of highlighting their weaknesses.

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